General sales conditions


The special offers are valid for 30 days long from the date of issue. After that time, without receiving the relative orders, Arcasting reserves the right to believe cancelled its offer.


The order by the customer are binding and noway revocable after 7 days period from receipt. This order can be made by phone, by e-mail, fax or letter. Arcasting reserves the right to accept or not the received order. The acceptance of the order plus the relative forecast date of delivery is confirmed to the customer through a form named order confirmation. After a period of 7 days if the buyer refuses the order, before or after the forecast delivery time, Arcasting must be corresponded a sum equal to 35% of the invoice, or withdraw the goods.


The delivery period is communicated to the customer on the basis of internal production plans. Arcasting is not responsible for delays caused by events beyond its control such as, for example, strikes, transport delays, delivery of defectuous materials or delayed deliveries from their suppliers, fire, lack of energy both electricity and/or natural gas (these cases are included but not limited in the possible list).


The goods ordered are dispatched in accordance with trade agreements made. This means or ex- work either delivered to the customer warehouse. In the case of ex-work delivery, is charged to the customer the transport and pick up organization and taken responsibility for transport. Arcasting must be informed at least 3 days prior to the pick up date. In the case of delivered to the customer warehouse, is essential that the customer acceptance procedure must check the accuracy of the quantity of models and that the package is found intact. Any shortfall or damage or any other problem will be reported in writing on the shipping document and the carrier must countersign. Only in this case Arcasting can recognize the responsibility on a possible problem of transport. If not written any comment on the transport document, Arcasting will not recognize any kind of responsibility.


Arcasting reserves the right to change prices accepted at any time in case of changes in exchange rates, changes in raw material, salary changes, interference from the government, or other causes that are beyond the control of the Company.


Payments must be made in accordance with commercial agreement made with Arcasting salesmen.
Any delay of payment cause the revocation of the discount if agreed, with immediate charging of the commercial interest + 2% additional unless other, the block of the customer reference on our computer system until payment is made. Expenses related to the return and re-made invoices that where not payed during the first presentation will be in charge of the customer. No power of representation is given to agents, commission agents or brokers.


With the assumption that the conditions of payment where respected, Arcasting offers a warranty of 12 months from the date of shipment. The warranty covers manufacturing mistakes accepted after control from our Quality department and defected goods.
Arcasting offer warranty for wheels normal painting and polishing for 12 months from the demonstrable purchasing date. It does not cover defects arising from incorect use (example scratched surface or shocks) or bad maintenance of the product (example use of aggressive chemical products). About chrome look paint, this kinde of finishing is very sensible to the paint thickness for this reason the colour match between production batchs is not possible, We do not consider production defect the difference on color tone of the chrome look finishing.
Any other form of warranty and/or compensation, conventional or legal, is excluded.
The warranty is not valid if the product has been altered or repaired or modified without the consent of Arcasting or if the product has been used differently by the instructions in our application list or for the purposes for which it was designed.
The Arcasting is committed under this warranty to repair or replace at its discretion the product that presents defect due to a faulty manufacture problem.
Defective products should be reported to Arcasting by sending the appropriate form of return claim authorization. Only after our consent defective products can be sent back. Costs arising from the disassembly and assembly (on the car’s) will not be paid by Arcasting. Transport costs are charged to the customer if the defect is not recognized as our responsibility after the inspection by our quality service.


The wheels must be mounted according to all the indications stated in the Arcasting Technical cards. Before mounting the tyre on the wheel, you must follow the listed instructions very carefully:

  • The wheels must be suitable for the vehicle. Check mounting wheel on the car without tyre pcd- et – central hole and dimensions.
  • No parts of the vehicle (brakes, shocks absorber etc…) must be in touch with the wheels.
  • All the accessories (bolts, nuts, reduction rings) must be adapted.
  • No claim will be accepted if the wheels wont’s be mounted following the instructions explained above.
  • No claim will be accepted if goods wrongly supplied will be used.
  • For mounting problems and/or discrepancies on the adaptability arising from any use or application not descrive in this manual, the validity of the warranty and the right to reimbursement and acceptance of any complaints is declined with immediate effect.


For a correct clearing and maintenance of Arcasting wheels we suggest the following:

  • It is recommended to keep clean the surface of the wheel and prevent it from coming into contact with substances that may alter it, particularly salty deposits and aggressive chimica liquids.
  • We suggest to clean frequently the wheels mainly during winter season.
  • The clearing operations must be do with cold water and cold wheels using neutral products with a soft cloth for delicate surfaces.
  • Do not use high-pressure jets to clean, nor acids neither abrasive/corrosive materials. All these thinghs can damage deeply the painted surface of the wheels.
  • Check periodically the correct bolts/nuts torque. – Check periodically the correct tyree air pressure. Run with low pressure increase a lot the tyres wear and it is dangerous for your safety.
  • Check the wheels after shock with corner or – stone sor other strange situations.
  • To repair Arcasting wheels warming up the wheel or welding or machining parts is not permitted. These are very dangerous operations for your safety. It is recommended to avoid during car- washing the use of the same detergents used to wash the engine and the underbody.

    Any dispute will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Treviso.